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Default Re: Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

Even Tex Winter is calling Kobe out on D:

“I’d like to see him play better defense,” Winter said, adding that he had addressed the issue recently with Bryant but didn’t come away with the idea that Bryant was intent on changing his approach.
“You know Kobe,” Winter said with a chuckle. “He has his game plan. I think he heard me. But he feels there’s a certain way he’s got to play the game. But it doesn’t involve a lot of basically sound defense.”
Because the Lakers need so much of his effort at the offensive end, Bryant has adopted a save-energy plan on the defensive end, Winter said. “He’s basically playing a lot of one-man zone. He’s doing a lot of switching, zoning up, trying to come up with the interception.
“The way Kobe plays defensively affects the team,” Winter added. “Anybody that doesn’t play consistently good defense hurts the team. That’s not only Kobe. Our other guards tend to gamble and get beat. Another problem is that the screen and roll is not played correctly.”

It's not gonna get better till he gets a bit more help offensively. Hopefully they can win in spite of the lame effort on D (except when he's guarding stars )

PS: I was really disgusted with the 3pt shot Kinsey hit over him on Tuesday in the last minute of a tie game. KB didn't even contest it. He was just reaching. I know he's tired but that was basically the game right there
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