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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
These situations are usually settled very simply. Post a pic of just you, the dude with the receding hairline, holding up a sign that says 'Hammer2010 Inside hoops". You do that, I'll admit my mistake and we go our separate ways. You don't, I naturally have to assume you stole some random big-tittied chick's pics. I'm certain I've seen that one pic on another site, that wasn't this one.

But prove me wrong Hammer, prove me wrong

GTFO! I don't care enough about you to try and impress you kid. However if you can link any of my pictures to another website where you have seen them before I will be impressed. In fact I challenge you to find any pictures of her posted on another website posted before I posted them. If you can do that I will bow out in shame and send you a cool $1000 through pay pal. Go ahead. I'm waiting. If you can't then stfu stupid.

And just because I feel sorry for your sad existence. Here's a couple pictures you can jerk off to.

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