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Don't mean any disrespect to the organisation, but we're simply not going to attract big name players here anytime soon, MJ or not. The draft in the 2-3 seasons is crucial. I anticipate we'll get a top 3 pick for this year's draft and look to build from there. The rest of this season is not going to be pretty.

But surely the only way is up from here onwards, if we don't bite on signing mid-level talents on not so great contracts, and allow the young players to get some court time and take the rough with the smooth.

This is why I feel a team like Milwaukee are never going to get anywhere. Consistently, season after season they sign, or trade for guys who've been in the league 7-8 or more seasons (Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson plys more) and are the epitome of a middle of the road team. Only youngsters they give burn are Brandon Jennings, and Bogut when he first came into the league. I think Larry Sanders could be a really good player, if only they'd give him some more PT.

If the team remains patient and builds from the ground up like OKC, Minnesota, maybe we can get there in a few seasons. Proof is in the pudding now that building from the ground up is working for some teams, I just hope the front office remains patient and doesn't bite on signing too many mediocre players who are just going to cut into the playing time of some of our younger players. I'm already looking forward to this year's draft anyway.
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