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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

Originally Posted by Soccer10
Oh, he"ll definitely be a HOF.

The thing is that I bought the hype and thought he'd be like MJ and Magic.But then again, I didn't watch many games at the time and I just looked at stats which looked impressive.

Now that I see him play I don't feel like I'm watching such a great player.
Maybe that's just me but he isn't nearly as skilled offensively as T Mac was in Orlando.

I don't like his mid range game. Doesn't seem so skilled. Even his passing isn't all that. Seems to me that he only scores off of 3 pointers and driving to the basket.

Just doesn't look gracious at all.

But then again, his stats are great, his team is consistantly good...more power to him..

Just saying that I was so much more impressed when I actually didn't watch him play.

that is just dumb...

someone said he is going to be the next Jordan and you believed it...

no one will ever be the next Jordan...

not Kobe....not Lebron...not anyone....Jordan is Jordan

in fact this may sound stupid but one of my gripes with Lebron is that he wears the number 23...
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