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Default Re: Do you agree with Rob Parker?

Originally Posted by niko
THat's stupid, he's done it a majority of times, saying he can't strikes me as not really fair. THe only difference to me now is it's not a lock he does it. It used to be "how many TDS's will he throw today? 4? 5?".

I fully think he might not have the greatest day in the Super Bowl, but i think that will be if we are beating the crap out of him with our front four. Not because Brady is "off". If for my Giants to win we'd need Brady to be off we'd be in a world of shit.

Is it just me or is this internet raised generation of fans determined to be black and white? Eli doesn't win, he gets lucky. EVERY GAME. BEcause if it's not, that means their team has issues. Brady was a god. Now, he sucks. Not, he's slightly less godlike because he got a little older but he's still probably the best QB. That's too complicated. HE SUCKS!

Skip bayless just called Eli lucky and says Asante Samuel was the Bill Buckner of that SB because he dropped a sure INT only to have Eli and Tyree to hook up on that crazy catch.
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