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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

If you put an aftermarket insole like a Spenco in the Starbury's, they're not the worst shoe ever. They're still stiff and were superglued together and the leather doesn't flex, but they're about on par with Reeboks or some of the cheap Nikes like Nike Air Ups that MSRP for 64.99, even though the basic "air" and hexalyte cushioning techs totally ***** on what is literally styrofoam underneath the Starbury insoles.

There's a market for both though and I really admire what Marbury is trying to do here. If you go to Steve and Barry's in the section where they sell them, they have an everplaying DVD of him going around Coney Island and talking about them.

The clothes are hot too, I got a few items

They might be made in the same place, but they're not the same materials. Unless you want to be very basic and say LeBron's have leather on them, Starbury's have leather on them so they're the same.
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