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Default Re: Do you agree with Rob Parker?

It's a team sport, highlighted by this past week where guys like Sterling Moore, Lee Evans, Williams (KR), and Cundiff who had game-changing plays that dictated their teams advancing or not. Brady advanced to the superbowl while playing an admittedly terrible game.

We won a damn superbowl with Peyton playing his only 2 bad playoff games since 2006, back to back - the rest of the team picked up the slack.

Brees has NEVER played a bad playoff game and he only played in 1 superbowl. Why's that? Because the rest of his team wasn't up to par.

Superbowls do count for something if you hold up your end up the bargain (i.e not being carried to a ring) but it's not something that excuses Brady's past 11 playoff games - it is what it is.
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