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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
About as much as this:

Which is what I was talking about.

Jordan and Magic combined is a bit much for anyone to live up to. What would that even be? Like a 33/12/9 player shooting 50-55% and winning 7 titles?

He is what he is. Being a 27/7/7 player at 19....then a 30/7/7 player at 20 and second in MVP voting. Great year this year. And its not like he doesnt win. On pace for back to back 50 win seasons.

Hes doing way better than anyone here predicted before he got to the L. I remember people calling me an idiot for saying hed get between 13-15ppg and 5 rebounds and assists as a rookie. People caught up in summer league and preseason shooting percentages. The only people I heard predicting what he is now is media types like Kornheiser on PTI who we all considered dumb for saying Bron would bea 20ppg rookie and all time great by 21.

Hes actually surpassed most expectations. Hes just not reached the truly insane ones yet.

That's exactly it. You bring up his stats. His stats are what made me think that he's the best.

But when I watch him play I just don't get the same impresion. I'm not impressed. I don't wow at him. I don't find him entertaining and spectacular. I don't find him that skilled.

Don't like to admit this but Wade actually looks much better to me when I watch him play.

That's just it....he's the best when you just concentrate on stats whereas other players make you wow.
Magic had that.
MJ had that.
Even Duncan has that.

I just don't see that in LeBron.
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