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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The best and smartest guys on the court aren't always the best and smartest off the court, and vice versa. This is a prime example of that...although let me make it clear that I'm not calling James a bad person, he's just emulating Jordan's off-court style, which means that he's bought and paid for. No loyal Nike man would be complimentary of Marbury's shoes.

Why would Lebron be loyal to Nike though? It's just business. If his career suddenly declined steeply, they'd dump him before he knew what was happening.

That's what bothers me about these comments. He goes a little too far in "defending" Nike. I don't expect him to criticize his sponsor, but I also don't expect him to praise them.
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