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Default Butch Carter may be back in the league

This guy was just plain horrible in Toronto.

But MJ might give him a second chance.

Two league sources say that the search for Bernie Bickerstaff's successor in Charlotte is underway -- and one of the candidates is former Raptors coach Butch Carter.

The sources maintain that Carter has been promised an interview with Bobcats minority owner Michael Jordan. But it isn't known if Carter is a favorite to get the job.

The Bobcats already announced that Bickerstaff won't be returning as coach next season, though he is expected to maintain an executive role in the front office.

If the Bobcats are considering Carter, it will be a provocative move. His three-year tenure as Raptors coach culminated in a 45-win season and the franchise's first playoff appearance. But he was fired after that season in June 2000 for a number of controversies, including a short-lived lawsuit he filed against former Raptor Marcus Camby (for referring to Carter as a liar); Carter's statements that the NBA was conspiring to move Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter out of Toronto; and his failed attempt to acquire the GM title in Toronto, based on his argument that he needed more power to recruit free agents.
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