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Default Re: Why?? Why trade Gallo???

Originally Posted by knickballer
So has this trade been a total failure?? Gallo is playing like a stud, Mozguv is becoming a solid giant big, Felton, etc..

Worst is we could have signed Melo in the offseason!! Or even better trade for Dwight, Paul or Deron as we would have had the pieces..

When will the Knicks learn?
No the trade hasn't been a failure because the history of it is not all written yet.

The guys we had before were barely good enough to get Melo and we had to take on Chauncey's huge money too, no way we could have gotten top 5 players for those guys.

This is the best team since the Ewing days days, let's see what happens by seasons end and bump this at that time.

Now is far too early.
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