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Default Re: Why?? Why trade Gallo???

I've never seen this much admiration for a player who's never cracked 20 ppg in their entire career. Gallo is having a good year. Yes. But he's getting 17 and 5. He's far from All NBA 1st team. Please get off his nuts. Denver is playing at it's peak. They can't add but so many players and they are a pretty good but not great team. End of the day, with all the "buyer's remorse" bullshit, they only one 1 more playoff game than we did. Teams win rings with superstars and a supporting cast. If you wanna go to the 2nd round and lose every year, then by all means...become a Denver fan. Are thing perfect here? No. But that doesn't mean it was all because of the Melo trade. Furthermore, when playoff time comes and the superstars are playing at their best, I'll take Carmelo Anthony against any other teams star and feel comfortable. Gallo....not so much. Melo has already hit tons of game winners in clutch situations. Gallo has already blown a layup and nearly cost his team the game against us. End of the day, you don't win rings with guys that are just pretty good. You have to look down the line. Teams are going to try and mimic Miami's model and get superstars. I for one dont want to be caught spectating while LeBitch is winning rings, all because I was too stubborn and didn't wanna give up guys that aren't franchise players.

When all those guys were here, we had a complete team and we were only 2 games above .500 We're not too far off that and we only have a shell of a team. Let's focus on the real issues here. Bench depth and our idiot coach.
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