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Default Re: Do you agree with Rob Parker?

Originally Posted by Jackass18
You did get lucky at times, but luck is a part of football. I don't know why you're so opposed to it. I wouldn't say you got lucky against the Packers, just that they played really poorly and self-destructed over-and-over again (granted, some would call that the Giants getting lucky).
The better team wins the game. When you lose, and immediately start discrediting the other team's performance, it's not something i believe in. It's just a ***** thing to do. it's not something i did when i played sports, it's not something i do when people win games.

A win here and there is lucky. Teams don't luck into the playoffs and then luck into titles and they certainly don't luck into multiple titles.

"We lost but they were just lucky" is the lament of the loser.
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