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Default Re: New Jersey Nets 2011-12 Post game thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
haven't seen the recent games, so could somebody describe for me what deron is doing differently, lately?

is he simply gunning more, or is it more complex than that?

Well Deron was shooting like 38% from the field with 18ppg and 8apg prior to the two games winning streak. He had 34/11 last time and now 27/10 while hitting 50% of the shots from the field. So 30.5ppg and 10.5apg in th past two games, which is quite phenomenal Id say.

We have a good chance to go on a 3-games winning streak, the next opponent is the lowly Raptors and we play at home. Should the Knicks lose to Rockets, the Nets would move up to the 3rd position in Atlantic Division.

There is also a good chance for the Bucks(play against Lakers) and Cavs(play against Celtics twice) to lose, and if this happens... Well you know what this means, dont ya?

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