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Default Re: Paul Pierce w/o rondo vs Pierce w/ Rondo

Originally Posted by I.R.Beast
its simple...stop forcing the offense through rondo....That's not a recipe for success our offense has had the tendency to become stagnant ever since we've handed the keys to the offense to rondo. Lets get back to 07....making plays by committee with pierce doin his thing.
I think so, rondo has improved but the added pressure of offense is taking away from his play making ability. Pierce is killing it right now no other way to put it and we dont want to disrupt that. I was just reading a recent kg interview about how important pierce is to the team and how his scoring overshadows all the other little things he does. Can't wait for Cleveland, doc is defs making changes there's no question this team is playing different and if we go back to the same formula before the injuries we ain't getting no W's
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