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Default Re: Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

Originally Posted by Younggrease
but people are attributing it to having to carry more of the scoring load and not his knee. Kobe came back this year without his knee being close to full strength and no time to strengthen it. If you wanna judge if Kobe has truely lost a step wait until next year when he actually has free time to rehab it. Having had knee surgery before defense is the last thing that comes back and i doubt you really want to push your knee on defense every game against nba players if it isnt 100% or even close.

Kobe averages 35 a game gets 1st team all year he has surgery comes back fat and out of shape with his knee clearly not 100 percent--his defense falls off--but people attribute to him scoring more when he is averaging 5 points less then when he made 1st team last year. Explain the logic in that.

i see what you are saying. but his knees haven't seemed to slow him down on the offensive end at all? he seems just fine. i am still inclined to believe that so much energy goes into the offense that the defense lags. maybe a combination of the 2
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