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Default Re: Do you agree with Rob Parker?

Originally Posted by Jackass18
The better team doesn't always win. Why do you have a problem accepting the Giants weren't always the best team when they won? They won, so why does that matter? Saying a team is lucky doesn't really discredit the accomplishment that much.
You proved Niko's point. Eli and the Giants dont win the games they luck into it. The better team has won whether luck is involved or not.

The Pats were lucky the Raven's missed the field goal?
The Giants were lucky that Ginn wasnt returning punts?

I do personally think Brady has something to prove because its been a while since he's held the Lombardi trophy. No matter what he is still a HOF'er and the Pats are still one of the greatest teams since 2000 an era matched by none and followed only by the Steelers.

As a Jet fan I am rooting for a TIE.
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