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Default Re: Lakers May Sign Gilbert Arenas

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Yes, we definitely have to be very focused on China (Aaron Brooks), If I owned the Lakers I'd be offering the Chinese team money to release him in NOW if we could make a deal with him.

Isn't it funny that this team would be better off with Sasha or Farmar right now.

this team has became a joke right now. Other than Kobe there is nobody in hell who can create for himself or the team.

giving up Odom for nothing is really hurting the lakers. No matter how hurt Odom was I would keep him till I get something substantial for him

All these guys Kapono/Murphy & to an extent McRoberts are just trash. Atleast McRoberts bring hustle but thats about it

There is NO talent on this team. Pau Gasol freaking asked for touches and then went 6/18. I dont want him to ask/compain for touches anymore. Pathetic how a guy can go from Top to Bottom so quickly is beyond my understanding

Bynum played great 1st 5 games and then he is just disappearing now. NOT talking about Offensive side but Defense and rebounding. To me it feels like he has NO ENERGY/EXCITEMENT to play the game. He is just there going through the motions.

Artest is PLAIN TRASH. He was good in clippers game but then he took 6 3ptrs last night and made 1. He let Mike Dunleavey have a career night....freaking Mike much for getting bored of playing defense. if you are that bored give us back the money and GTFO

I am just so pissed right now.....Jim Buss is ruining the lakers

this morning i heard Mitch Kupchake might be leaving too..
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