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Default Re: Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

Thats why Jordan was so good because be able to carry the scoring and at the same time be a hell of a defender.

Thats why good team always have a defensive stopper that do the dirty job with out having to worry about fouls and stamina, more when you need your legs to shoot those late jumpers.

Today in 610 radio in Houston JVG said that T-Mac can be a 1st team defender anytime he wants, he got the size, length and basketball IQ but he don't want him to play so hard all 82 games but you definitely going to see him play hard at the defensive end, late in game and definitely in the playoff. He also said that he don't want him guard the other team best player early in the game because the Refs are always trying to control the game early, and the they will call any marginal contact but as the game progress the will let the players play.
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