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Default Re: Official UCLA Bruins Thread:

Off another forum:

Another year, yet the same team flys into the Fianl Four from Gainesville. Noah isnt on his amazing hot streak like last year, Brewer is probably a better defender this season, Humphrey has been on fire, and Horford has been a beast in the tournament. With all that said, I find it hard to believe Ben Howland loses to Billy Donovan again. Howland is the better coach and my guess is that he has devised a game plan to slow down the Gators in the post 1 on 1. Afflalo is going to be switching from Brewer, to Green, to Humphrey in hopes he can slow down the hot man. Afflalo is out for blood, Collison is going to create lots of problems for Florda, and UCLA's front line is much better than last season.

UCLA wins 71-70.
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