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Default Re: Dwight Howard says he'd be OK with coming to Chicago

@ the disgruntled Bulls fans at my trade idea:

I mean, I don't know. Maybe I'm looking at it way too objective and not enough from Chicago's stand point. But I think the worst you lose is Deng, who will undoubtedly be missed. But I think Brewer is replaceable, I think Lucas is replaceable. Boozer disappears half of the time, and his lack of playing time down the stretch is a testament to his lack of effectiveness from a coach's standpoint. Noah is just starting to come along this year, and has been the defensive anchor that the Bulls needed so desperately in the years of Hinrich/Gordon/Deng.

But you're in turn getting the best center in the league who hasn't even reached his prime yet, the defensive player of the year two years in a row. What you'd lose in defense from Noah and Boozer (Boozer, defense? ) you get back in Dwight, and then some. You don't lose anything on offense when it comes to losing Noah. You lose the versatility Boozer brings in his capabilities, but you can probably find a much cheaper option for someone that will put up less points but be more consistent, and better defensively (KG for the veteran's minimum maybe?). You don't lose anything on rebounding, unless you consider the fact that you're replacing two able bodies to get a loose ball on the boards with one. That energy you guys are talking about is great and all, but we're talking the best center in the league. If you're not willing to trade an "energy player" to have the best center in the league and one of the best point guards in the league, on the SAME team, and they haven't even reached their prime yet? You got your priorities all mixed up.

Again, it's just a trade idea at the end of the day so get your panties out a bunch. If you can pull it off without giving Deng then you got yourself a steal. But to me, the Magic are not trading Dwight frigging Howard for just Noah and Gibson, or Boozer and Brewer. If they were looking to deal that low they'd just trade Bynum for Dwight straight up. You'd at least be getting the best center in the West for Howard. Noah and Boozer aren't even top 5 at their respected positions, let's be serious here.

All I'm saying is, you give yourself the makings of a true dynasty in Rose and Howard. That pick and roll combination?

With that being said, Bulls are still one of the best teams in the NBA, top 3 without question, for some stretches THE best team. But when Boozer disappears again in the playoffs, and Noah's energy isn't enough to stop Miami, and Rose again is in a situation where it's him or nothing, Rose against Miami's big 2.5, and they fall short again, I guarantee you'll look back at the past possibility for trading for Howard and you won't be so disgruntled anymore.

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