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Default Re: My source has informed me Dwight is okay with coming to Chicago

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
Noah and Taj Gibson and the Bobcats draft pick is a pretty damn good deal.

if they could makehe trade happen with what your tossing out there then they should do whatever they can to get it done. but even with trading a piece like noah you are taking a risk with blowing up team chemistry. i dont think noah gibson and a draft pick would be enough though and if the bulls had to add more and take hedo with it. then chicago would be taking a huge risk of destroying a chance at a title this year.

it would be a hell of a thing to see though rose and howard on the same team.

the bulls cant give boozer and noah. winning in the nba happens when youve got the bigs. howard playing next to boozer or noah is what would make the bulls stronger.

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