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Default Re: If The Rockets Want To Be Champs, This Is What They Have To Do !!!!!

Originally Posted by Hot Shot Rox
Are you the same guy who asked this question at

scroll down, the same exact question is asked.

damn your right. here is the question copy and pasted from the rockets site.

You may think I am crazy with my next proposal. However, hear me out until I've finished. In order for the Houston Rockets to win the NBA championship next year, I think that the following changes should made.

First, here's the big one. I think the Rockets should trade Yao Ming. A sin you may be thinking, however, you must look at it from the big picture. During Yao's absence, the Rockets went 21-10. Yao's offensive load was easily made up by Tracy McGrady's 29.9 points over January (plus 7.1 assists over that same period) and 27.2 points over February which McGrady is more than capable of getting 30 points plus and six assists without Yao. To further prove my point, Yao's rebounding of 9.6 was outweighed by Dikembe's 10.6 as a starter and we all know Deke can block! Hence, I believe a trade of Yao would be a positive step forward as we have shown we are able to compensate his scoring, rebounding and blocking. Also Yao's 3.76 turnovers are second in the league.

The second change I believe should be done is either trading Rafer Alston or having him on the bench. Luther Head definitely needs to be at starting point. As a starter, Head already can average more points and just as much assists.
-- Pamapuria

You were right in the beginning, Pamapuria. I think you're crazy.

Sorry, I can't see trading arguably the most dominant center in the NBA. Yes, I agree the Rockets played well without Yao and that the center has some areas for improvement. Well, really he has one area of improvement -- trimming his turnovers. But really, I don't think there is any plausible scenario where you give away a dominating big man because you have other guys that are doing fine. I don't see how you can scoff at 24.7 points and 9.5 rebounds. And, I might add that the Rockets never really replaced his interior scoring when he was out. McGrady's numbers did go up, but he didn't make up for 24-plus points every night in the paint.

As for benching Rafer Alston for Luther Head, I'm not sure that's a wise move. Head, by his own account, is a shooting guard and doesn't possess the point guard skills of Alston. And I'll say it again, Alston doesn't get enough credit for running the offense.

Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me that the Rockets should trade Tracy McGrady.
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