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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Originally Posted by Dolphin
"Dude". lol

I will try one for we go:

I still remember dude saying Leonard alone made Illinois' front court better than MSU's.....regardless of the fact MSU has a potential first team all-american at pf and is on everyone's top 10 for national POY.....along with Payne and Nix who are better than the 2nd and 3rd best bigs on Illinois in the minds of everyone....except maybe for said "guy".

And no, if you guys win, it doesn't make the above statement any less ridiculous. I mean, I feel you should come out and at least admit how silly of a comment that was.

See the difference in comments that we made? I simply made a bet because I believe MSU can out rebound you guys by 5. Nothing silly about that. Doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Just feel those are good odds. You on the other hand.....ridiculous.

Illinifan and Wang4three....did you trade TheGame for this poster? lol

That's not what I said. But I knew you'd find your way in here.

Go dig up the quote of mine and post it here and if you still don't understand it, I'll be glad to explain it.

Also, it's looking like Leonard is everything I said he was...

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