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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
That's not what I said. But I knew you'd find your way in here.

Go dig up the quote of mine and post it here and if you still don't understand it, I'll be glad to explain it.

Also, it's looking like Leonard is everything I said he was...


Originally Posted by ILLsmak
Illinois has a better front line than MSU just because of Leonard.


Post 836 in the 2011/12 thread.

Egwu, Shaw and Griffey who you mentioned in that post average a combined 8 ppg. They average a combined 7.5 rpg.

Keeping that in mind, Green, Nix and Payne average a combined 30/18.5. Green alone 15.3/10.4 and is an all-american.

So with all that in mind, if you add Leonard's 13.4/8 to the other three's measly output, somehow Illinois' front line becomes superior to MSU's. Even though for all of Leonard's talent, he still makes quite a few silly mistakes (passes and such).

Ya, you basically are saying Leonard single handidly makes them better when you look at how little the other guys produce relative to the three MSU guys.

I also think MSU's bigs are better defenders as well.

This isn't me saying MSU will win tomorrow on the road. It's me saying "WTF are you smoking?"
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