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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
Well, I dunno what to tell you because it sounds like you've already decided that this is true no matter what happens in the game.

But I will say that you are too focused on stats. I know Green is a beast; I've always liked him, but Nix and Payne don't excite me as much as they do you.

If you look at our minutes, other than Griffey, none of the guys I mentioned even play more than 10 minutes. Your reply could be "That's because they suck!" But that's not true. I believe we will be seeing them more in that game.

We'll see what happens, should be a good game. I'll be watching that rebounding line.

(And it's on National TV so I can actually watch it.)


The stats were used as a reference. I have watched both teams play enough this season to feel comfortable stating Nix and Payne are better at this stage and contribute much more than the guys behind Leonard.

As for the game....I give State about a 45% chance of winning it. Not gonna give them a 50/50 shot just because they have proven they can lose against good teams on the road in the Big 10. They aren't good enough where I can assume they will beat a slightly lesser team on the road (although they might be getting there). A great shot, ya, but they shouldn't be favorites.

I hope with State's perimeter defense this year they can continue your scoring problems. Even if Leonard gets his. Great man to man defense and control the rebounds.
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