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Default Re: coaching staff?

From Karl Malone interview:

On Karl coaching with the Jazz

"Oh no, no. We done been there. You can't beat the fart out of a dead mule. Let's pass on that. They ain't gonna call.

Wonder why? Can't believe you wouldn't want him around in the summer and training camp at least to work with the big kids.

"You donít have the luxury to draft projects at the third, fourth, fifth, first, second pick...But you donít have the time, or who do you have? No disrespect to staff currently in place. Who do you have that can work with that big guy? No disrespect to the coaching staff, ícause I love Scott Layden. Love Ďem all. But when you draft a kid like that, in essence your franchise is hinging on this.

Malone said he could see himself, John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek one day coaching together. One idea he has is to move the Jazz franchise to New Orleans. Then move the Hornets to Utah, which would mesh nicely with the symbolic honeybee in Utah culture.

Karl probably sees himself as the head coach though.
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