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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by RidonKs
the meandering scenes weren't the crux of its greatness, it was the childhood scenes with Pitt and the kids. there was a lot of pretentious bullshit in it, but the payoff is well worth it if you suck it up, buy in, and then enjoy the sections that aren't batshit off the wall insane.

i think it might have been a theater movie though. at least i saw it in the theater and the landscape/cosmos/evolution scenes were made all the better by the enormous screen.
I don't know. Thin Red Line started with the same BS and turned out to be amazing and totally worth the time it took to watch, so I really, really wanted to try on this but you can't mix in a great film with a solid hour of bullshit. I won't watch, I'm sorry. The first 1/2 hour is absolutely nothing but pure, unadulterated Terrance Malick jerking off on your screen. Again: ugh. I don't doubt that it has its redeeming qualities, but if you wedge them between excruciatingly long periods of nonsense, I'm just not going to watch.
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