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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

Originally Posted by PMshooter
I'm saying clothes and shoes are manufactured in a very specific way that is much different than how electronics or cars are made. That's what I'm getting at. So it's not a good comparison.

Besides, as 14K corrolla will last you 20 years, whereas a 50K Mercedes won't. If you look at the latest consumer reports for autos, there's not a single Mercedes that they recommend. So when you pay more, you're not always paying for QUALITY.

But I don't own Marbury's so I'm not making an actual statement on the shoe. Just the stupidity of saying that paying more equals getting more. It doesn't.

All ball's argument is the most convincing since it's based on actual experience.


that is the most popular auto review site on the net...

mercedes, like nike, is for the person that is paying alot extra to have that extra level of comfort...the person that wants to spend as little possible on something reliable would buy a toyota camery...
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