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Default Re: Prince or Howard?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Prince shoots 0.456 from 2 vs. 0.451 for Howard
Prince shoots 0.402 from 3 vs. 0.372 for Howard

Prince shoots 0.774 on FTs compared to Howard at 0.817

Howard has a 0.09 more blocks per game but Tayshaun has Sheed, Nazr, Max, Webber, DD all out there swattin **** too, and if you watch Tayshaun in-game, especially in transition, you'll see he's a superior shot blocker.

Howard definitely has more steals, but you could also say Tay has superior man2man D and therefore doesn't jump on the ball nearly as much.
5/1000's of a percent better shooter from the field. That's 1 more shot out of every 200.

Same time, Howard blocksonly 1 more shot every 9 games.

I'd take Howard for the first 45 minutes of the game. Because he is so aggressive and emotional, he's prone to stupid mistakes late, so just give me Prince when the game is close late as well as chasing someone down on a breakaway

Josh is also a big part, along with Stack, of our "dont fcuk with us" 'tude that we lost when Nick left
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