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Default Re: Durant Named AP POY: Better freshman season than Melo?

To answer the topic, no i dont think Durant had a better freshman season than Carmelo. Melo dominated, produced, impacted and accomplished more. And while some may claim he had a better team/supporting cast, better head may be true but the margin isnt wide enough to use as support for why Durant had the better freshman season. Afterall, Melo was a freshman that led that team. No one else did. Team was just as young and inexperienced as Texas was. Melo had better handles and could go downlow and get his buckets whereas Drant was often forced to be a perimeter player either due his inability to break his man down and drive or him falling in love with the jumper.

Originally Posted by Dizzle-2k7
when did i ever say he had a veteran cast? i didnt.

But you made a comment to my post asking who were the veterans dumbass. Wow you really arent too bright are you? Even wang replied the same way at the same time because you reply was directed to me. Do me a favor and reprt me again for making you look like a fool.

and who cares anyways

I care since it was said genius.

syracuse flatout had a better team than texas

How much better? I'm not even implying they didnt or did. I just want you to reveal, support and defend your comments. I wanna see if you can do it. Because i honestly dont believe for one second you saw much of the team. Let alone followed them.

anthony johnson is a veteran.. does that make him more valuable than wade? no. use your head gobb. aint you from philly? act like it. you act like youre from new york sometimes.

What are you mumbling about? First team all Dumbass at guard Dizzle.

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