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Default Pistons players say they stand around too much

Michigan Live reports:

"We’re just standing," Rodney Stuckey said. "The ball’s sticking and we’re just standing around. We’ve just got to keep moving."

Tayshaun Prince said it may be necessary to, "put in some more sets, or whatever the case may be."

"Offensively, the ball is not moving," Prince said. "When one guy gets the ball, we’re looking for that guy to kind of make a play instead of all five guys moving and trying to set some screens, do some different things, things like that. We’re looking around and saying, ‘Hey, Stuckey, why don’t you save us? Tayshaun, why don’t you save us?’ and things like that. You don’t know how tough, in this league, it is to score when the ball’s not moving."

The Knicks had lost nine of their previous 10 games. But against the Pistons, they looked like potential world champions.
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