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Default Re: Where should Kenyon Martin sign? Decision may be soon

He could go to the Lakers and allow them to trade Pau Gasol for a PG. I don't know which great PG they could get tho. Not Deron Williams. The Thunder wouldn't give up Westbrook. No Rondo. Gasol would have to net more than Nash, I would think.

So saying all that, I don't know about LA. If the Knicks traded Amare...he could work there. I suppose he could work as a back-up as well, tho I don't see why he wants to back up Amare. Not enough minutes for him, I think.

I think he could work in San Antonio, but I don't really see the point. I certainly think it's excessive for him to go to the Clippers. The Hawks, I don't think so, unless they trade Josh Smith. Only answering the ones you mentioned.
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