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I remember when the Bulls drafted Toni Kukoc. I was so pissed, I turned off the tv. I didn't know who the hell he was. That was in the second round. I've only seen highlights of Sefolosha and he looks athletic. Reports say he and Ronnie Brewer were the two best defensive guards in the draft. That's what we needed and we got it. Carney is not in the same category as these two guys. Carney is shorter. He's fast as all hell and can jump, but Sefolosha handles the ball better from the reports I read and like the other guy said...he's been playing against MEN, not kids. He's ready NOW, not 2 years from now. But what do I know. I said the Bulls would NEVER pick Tyrus Thomas. Well, technically they didn't pick him! Damn I'm good!!! Go Bulls! Loved their draft. All Bulls fans should be happy.
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