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Default Re: How would LeBron do in the dunk contest?

Its extremly hard to be creative nowadays... there is almost nothing we havent seen... He would (and many players today) guarantee win it if it was the 70s, 80s, 90s.... right now its extremly hard to be creative, not only that but also get a 50 out of it...

He can probably do a windmill/alleyoop from the FT line (trust me)... hell maybe even between the legs from FT line..... those dunks can be done only by extreme one legged leapers, like Lebron is... that should give him 50 and its very creative, considering nobody has done that in the past in the NBA dunkcontest (i dont think so?).... but im not sure what else he can think of..... that goes for any other player aswell, im not sure what anybody else can think of or be capable to do...

The only thing we havent seen is like... a 540/720 dunk, between the legs from FT line..... im sure there are other stuff you can think of, but really not physically possible...
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