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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Last time I checked, that game against charlotte was 1 out of 66 on the schedule.

Number 2, Charlotte was one of those teams that always had the lakers' number. We used to ALWAYS lose to charlotte the same way we would lose in portland, which by the way, we ended up winning last season or the one before that IN portland. You know whats even funnier about that? Kobe didn't play that game.

Im not trying to downplay Kobe's importance to this team. Most of the time his shooting is great. That does leave the rest of the time when it doesn't work. When he's missing shots, and I mean layups, jumpers, free throws...then he has no business shooting the lakers out of a game, where we are already up by 20+ points.

The problem is when he misses shots, he keeps shooting endlessly, ignoring his teammates.

We don't need Carmelo sharing that same "success", or lack thereof.

LMAO........Kobe has tried to show guys like you what happens if he passes to these clowns and doesn't shoot so much.......the Lakers lose and then people can't please everyone

What game did he ever shoot the Lakers out of a 20 point lead in his career??? The Lakers were in no danger of losing the game to the Bobcats....none whatsoever, you don't seem to understand that
This is not the same team that has beaten the Lakers in the past

Obviously you missed the Olympics if you really think Kobe won't pass the ball to GOOD players who will actually COMPETE TO WIN. Do we have that now on this team
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