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Default Re: How would LeBron do in the dunk contest?

Originally Posted by pauk
Lebron is actually the only player in the NBA today who can do some dunks which we have never seen before in the NBA dunkcontest, i can guarantee he can complete these dunks:

Windmill from FT line
Alleyoop from FT line
Maybe even between the legs from FT line...

Those have not been done before because you need to be a ridicilous one legged leaper a la Julius Erving, Lebron James and James White (look him up in youtube, he has done all of these dunks with ease)...

those are all 50s.... but im not sure what else he can think of...

But then again....... that could be more than enough to win the Dunk Contest, im not sure anybody who he will be going up against will be able to do something else creative...
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