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Default Re: Lakers trying to get Kenyon Martin/Sheed

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You are missing the point somehow.

We would be trading Pau for a point guard for sake of argument, lets say we trade Pau for DWill and we Sign KMart for tell me, are we better off doing this or better keeping it the way it is now????

How about the much talked about Houston deal and sign basically we would have both Scola and KMart at the PF position, plus Lowry and/or Kevin Martin.

These are both no brainers.

The houston deal is the best thing because we are getting ALL starters in return for essentially one "has been" all star. The way he plays anyways, I dont know how excited Pau would be on the rockets.

But do I think D-Will + Kenyon in the same lineup > Pau in the lineup? No. There is always the risk of Bynum going down with injury. Pau is still a good insurance in case Bynum goes down.
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