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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by lakerfreak

You're missing my point of what I would like to see out of Kobe. He is an extremist in the way he plays. He's either shooting way too much, or he's passing way too much. He doesn't look to take advantage of opportunities. If he is shooting a lot during games, and he sees a wide open three point shooter, he will shoot with two guys on him, because today hes in shooting mode. If hes wide open under the basket, but hes passing today, he makes a pass to a covered man. He doesn't have a balance!!! For Christ sakes it would do my heart, and my high blood pressure a favor, if the guy made the correct decision every time down the court.

Do you think all of Kobe's decisions are great decisions?

I agree with everything you said......every bit of it.
My point is that THIS is who he is, at this age he is not going to change.....if you expect him to change you will lose your mind.
You have to take the good with the bad......I think things have worked out perfectly all things considered. The energy that guys spend complaining about him would be much better spent on the guys who aren't doing a damn thing on our team.....and we have a ton of them!!!!!
If Kobe had better teammates or teammates who were playing up to their ability and were giving an all out effort, Kobe would trust them....who the hell can he trust on this team right now??? Mini-Mamba aka G-Lock???
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