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Default Re: Blake Griffin does not plan to defend his slam dunk championship

Originally Posted by livingby3's
i would like to see maybe a derozen or fernandez or iguodala or jrich. the shows put up by these wingmen were spectacular in the previous contests. i would love to see gay in the dunk contest personally.

j-rich is done. he's won it, is older and injuries have slowed him. i will say this though...his dunks are among some of the most underrated. i don't think derozan will do it. he was frustrated with last year's results and the 'prop show'. iggy? maybe but he's done it once already. same with josh smith. fernandez could do it again but we'll see. rudy gay tried it once, maybe he'll do it again.

at this point, it's just hard to top some of those 80's/90's dunks. outside of VC/j-rich, some nate, some dwight...there hasn't been a whole lot to get excited about

it might just be best to watch an 80s mix:

EDIT: crap, i forgot josh smith won already

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