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Default Re: Paul Pierce w/o rondo vs Pierce w/ Rondo

It seems this thread wasn't so outlandish seeing as almost every sports network and website is posing the same question. -looking at you RMG

The question I posed was, Does Pierce and Rondo in tandem, hold each other back? I find the situation similar to the Miami heats problem with Lebron and Wade struggling to run the offense together, both teams have 2 great playmakers but like the celtics they have only seen positive results with one of them in the lineup.
With Pierce and Rondo, its no longer a question of if, it's who? Which Player do you think is better being the sole leader of the offense? It's a very tough question because both players have excelled whilst riding solo and as you will see both players have almost identical stats. When Pierce was out with his heel injury, Rondo was putting up 22 & 10 per. compared to his 13 and 9 when sharing the playmaking duties with Pierce. In the past 8 games though, with Rondo out, Pierce has also put up 22 and 8 in comparison to 15 and 4 with Rondo in the lineup.
So statistically, the two are neck and neck with Rondo having a slight edge in the assists department. However, Pierce has the overall advantage with leading the team to a 7-2 record compared to Rondo's 0-3 record.

If I'm Danny Ainge I'm looking at these stats, I'm thinking to myself if I trade one of these players the team isn't going to regress it will stay the same ( last 10 games 7-2) Trading Pierce with his current form could net some pretty good value and on the other hand we can trade Rondo to make some noise in the Dwight Howard stakes.
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