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Default Re: What a difference exercise makes.

Originally Posted by hoopaddict08
Congrats man

I honestly suck at running. I run for about 12 mins straight and give up. Keep up the good work.
I found out what was sucking about running for me. I kept looking at the treadmill stats too much. So what I did was cover them up and now I run by what music I have on. If I have a really good song I'll tear the shit out of that treadmill. If it's something I really can't get into running hard I'll power walk at 3MPH or 4MPH.

Then when I feel like I'm about to give up I'll peak at the status and see I've burned 700 calories. And I'll think, "No, f*ck that I'm getting 1000." So I'll cover the stats up again and go back at it like I was.
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