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Default Re: The season couldn't have gone any worse

Originally Posted by Clutch
I said that in another thread.

Look at the next 8 games:
Nets,Jazz,Wizards,Lakers,Wolves,Raptors,Kings and Hornets

If we don't go at least 6-2 in those 8 you can write this season off because our schedule is as tough as it gets after that.
In out 12 of 16 games we're playing against: Mavs,Hawks,Heat,Celtics,Mavs,Spurs,Sixers,Bulls, Blazers,Pacers,Pacers and Sixers.
And other 4 are against the Nets,Bucks,Cavaliers and Raptors. (we lost against 3 of those 4 teams and we even have a chance of losing against the Nets tonight).

6-2 is a must which would put us at 14-17.
If we go .500 during that 8 game stretch we would be 12-19 before the next 16 games in which we have a huge chance of not even being close to .500.
With the way we're playing it's realistic to expect something like 5-11.

4-4 followed by a 5-11 = 17-30

What I'm trying to say is that the next 8 games will be crucial for us.
We can either get rolling and gain momentum for the tough schedule ahead or we could continue to struggle which would basically end our season.
that was depressing to read
i could understand losing if we sucked, i wouldnt mind it so much
but we are supposed to be a good team, and yet we find ways to play like we suck

and to me, considering how we been playing, going 4-4, and then 5-12 seems like a pipe dream
r.i.p 2012 season
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