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Default Re: Anyone missing VCDrivesaPorscheToWork now?

Yeah I miss the guy too. He kept this place pretty tidy but I do agree that we were a playoffs team those years and everyone was active back then. I kinda wish he didnt do what he did, like why would you pretend to be someone your not on a basketball forum?

I'm definitely not as consistent as I used to be with this site but I still visit every day and try to keep this forum going. I remember when we used to be the 3rd or 4th most popular team forum behind only the Lakers and Knicks. Hopefully if this Dwight trade goes down we can attract some new posters and get back to the good ol' days.

I'm glad you guys are still here though, its great to talk to you guys once in a while. Posting in the main forum is ridic these days. Sh*ts crazy in there.

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