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Default Re: Kobe Playoff vs. Finals Scoring During Title Years

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
There was an article made back in 2006:


And it's about perimeter defense, not overall defense.

So no, DRTG doesn't work here because it's a team stat. Another reason why DRTG is lower is because there are more 3's shot and there are less post up big men comparted to the 80's and 90's.

Then how are we suppsed to use any factual information to determine how good a certain player or team is? Guys on youtube like blackadam always say stuff like 40/50 of Jordans 40 point games are on teams with a top 10drtg? So you're saying we can't use drtg for something like this? This whole theory is moronic because there's a contradiction for every corner of it. The 80's teams had tons of perimiter players that were excellent...The early 90's had less and by the late 90's they were scare. In the late 90's they were scarce despite the fact that the exact rule said you couldn't handcheck excent below the foul line, which you can do now!
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