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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
So let me continue this portion, how many guys on other teams can take over games? Don't count superstars, because they all take over games.

They're just role players. they do their part. I look at a guy like Kapono, and Murphy, and I say "hey, these guys have found a way to stay in the league for a decade or more...they're doing something right." Then they go to different teams, and their role never changes. Kapono hits the three....always was known for that, Murphy is a rebounding complimentary player that hits his open shots and makes other unproven guys like Goudelock look good.

Again.....PROVEN????? Please explain your definition.

Even Shannon Brown, Farmar and Sasha.....Lamar.......even Smush, have taken over games (Largely with Kobe out and we needed the scoring).
Look at all the 2nd string and 3rd string PG's who have taken over games and killed us over the years......Drew freaking Gooden took over a game to beat us.......tons of guys in the league have taken over games off the bench to win games. Take Kobe out of the next 10 games and the guys you mentioned won't be a factor. Just because guys have been in the league X amount of years doesn't mean they're PROVEN......Is Luke PROVEN????
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