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Default Re: Seattle to get a new team by fall?

Originally Posted by DStebb716
Imagine if they were able to "acquire" the Hornets? You'll get a team with two lottery picks, Eric Gordon (if you can extend him) and a lot of cap flexibility. And I think a lot of players (including Seattle-born players) would love to sign there.

Yeah I think Sacramento deserves the Kings. They were successful in the past and it woud be a knee jerk reaction to move them after a couple poor teams/seasons. I think the New Orleans market is too small to support a team and the intrest was largely due to the team being good and having Chris Paul. Hornets and Sonics shouldn't have moved a decade ago and if Bennett wanted a team in OKC he should have gone up against Kansas City, maybe Louisville and Norfolk for an expansion team. Its really crazy that KC doesn't have a team with the Sprint center. Its nicer than 80% of the arenas in the NBA.
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