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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by dd24
I think to a certain extent you guys mean the same thing.

Possibly, but this is why I asked for his definition first.

I now think that he trusts those guys far more than I do.....I assume that is the difference. I'd rather trust a guy who has been around 2 years and is getting it done than a 9 year guy who hasn't really established himself.
In Kapono's case he has averaged 10 points once and 8 points twice. He hasn't been as much a bust as Morrison but still just a guy who can hit some shots if completely wide open....not much of a game there which is why he doesn't play much. I wouldn't want Kobe or Bynum to pass to him unless he's wide open. He cannot create his own shot, doesn't play much defense. Hasn't established his shooting under pressure like a Horry, DFish, Kerr, Coop....those I cannot use the word Proven.....what has he proved???????
Where is the proof or the "Signature" games????
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