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Default At what point this season will a fire be lit under Deron's ass?

Last night I was distracted cause I like to root for guys like Jeremy who get a chance to shine in the league.. but now back to my own team.

Deron... when will that competitive fire come out? When will he just feel like his back is against the wall and he's gonna fight his way out. I mean.. this season it looks like he's doing the bare minimum to be considered an All-star, let alone at one point be considered the best PG in the league. Yeah his teammates aren't the best but you still gotta go out there and give it your best. Be the leader, and inspire.

I just want to know when will that happen. Is he basically saving himself to see if we have Dwight and then go hard?

It's frustrating. As many of you know, I'm a big Illini fan so I've been sympathetic/apologetic to Deron's output, but when we're letting guys like Jeremy Lin look like prime Steve Nash on us.. we've got a problem. Sure he was getting burned in pick and rolls cause our defense on that was terrible..but come on Deron! Fight your way out!
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