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Default Re: Mitch Kupchak Rumors

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Ok, I'll give you Troy Murphy.....I've always liked his game and wanted him here for years.....but he's clearly past his prime. way
he's a niche guy...those can last in the league much longer without doing much as long as they don't make waves or upset anyone. Kapono has only started 87 games in his 9 year career. Kapono has played in only 10 playoff games.

Mc Roberts.....proven??? I like the guy and feel he should get a lot more minutes on a consistent in every game, but proven

Guy's you call proven, I would call "Functional" at best.

How about this fact for you......Luke Walton is also in his 9th season, just like Kapono........but Luke has actually started in 138 games!!!! Proven.....hell no.

As for Sasha and Smush.....there were games that were close and they got hot to put the game away.....along with making key defensive plays.

Not that I am disagreeing, but lets examine Luke Walton as opposed to Kapono.

Kapono has been on many many teams. Everytime his contract expires, he gets new ones. Luke Walton has been locked in with his lucrative contract and it had been very difficult to get rid of him. Not to mention Luke was a Phil favorite. After this contract expires, I doubt Luke re-signs, but rather retires and looks for coaching opportunities.
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